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    Too many Rich Effect in page, how to combine them ?

    Frederic Nauleau Newbie


      I am dug in Javascript, Scriptaculous and RichFaces effect since yesterday.

      I have a page, with several a4j:outputPanel.

      On user choice to questions, I show/hide panels.
      The problem is that I have a lot of panels and actually I have to defines for each the apear and the fade effect.

      <rich:effect name="setOptionsVisible" for="optionsPanel" type="Appear" params="duration:0" />
      <rich:effect name="setOptionsMasqued" for="optionsPanel" type="Fade" params="duration:0" />

      The page size is heavy due to Javascript code inserted for each panel.
      More over on each a4j:commandLink, I have to set all the functions (ie: setOptionVisible(); setPanel1Masqued() ....).

      Is it possible to combine effects ?
      For example call setOption() will appear option panel and hide panel1 and show panel2 etc... ?

      Of course I can define my own Javascript show/hide effect but If I want to get more fun effects as defined in Rich Effect, I would like to keep that possibility.

      And Scriptaculous is not really documented.

      If someone have an idea or better the solution.
      I found some stuff on Google but they doesn't work.