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    changes in the JBoss tools?

    nitzan tomer Newbie


      i had to reinstall all of my development environment, including the JBoss Tools and it behaves a little bit different.

      I mostly use the tools for seam development, and with the current version of the tools i noticed that two things act different with the seam web project:
      (1) the security rules (security.drl) is not being generated, though there's a reference to the file in the components.xml file
      (2) the datasource file (projectName-ds.xml) is not being deployed to the root directory of the server, it is packed in the resources directory of the ear file.

      the version that i'm using now is the current stable version (3.0.1GA) but i don't know what's the version i used to work with (my laptop was stolen).
      i kind of liked the way it used to work for me a lot better than how it does now.. anyone has any idea how i can set that up?