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    Hotdeploy problem  (JBoss Tools not useable)


      we are working on a maven project, that is deployed as an ear.
      It is an multiproject Project.
      With Eclipse europa and the latest JBT for this plattform we do not have hotdeploy problems. We can save JSF Files and the changes are published to our app. We can save java Files with no harm.

      I have changed to eclipse ganymede + JBTools 3.0.1
      But now, when i save any file, my app stops working.
      An exception is thrown with this message:
      You are trying to use a connection factory that has been shut down: ManagedConnectionFactory is null

      The only solution i see is to go back to europa. But than i will lose all the new features:-(

      What could be the reason, that this problem occurs only under ganymede while it works with europa?