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    Cannot open .jsp files on Eclipse 3.2.4

    Chih-Feng Huang Newbie


      I am a beginner of Eclipse.

      Here is my question.
      When I tried to open a .jsp file by right clicked and selected 'Open with/System Editor', it popped out a Work Space Launcher dialog window and requested me to Workspace path.

      Then, I selected the same path as my project which is 'C:/Eclipse_Workspace/home'. Then hit OK.

      However, it popped out an error message window, which shew 'Workspace in use or cannot be created, choose a different one'.

      Actually, it is the only project in my Eclipse.

      Does anybody can help me to open my .jsp file by System Editor?

      My version of Eclipse is 3.2.4
      My JDK is j2sdk1.4.2_19