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    How to run jsf2.0 samples in jboss tools or studio

    Maxim Areshkau Apprentice

      Hi All,
      I have downloaded mojarra-2.0.0-Beta1-binary. Here exists couple sample jsf 2.0 applications(ajax-queue, ajax-request ...). It's maven based applications.
      What I have tried to do:
      I have run in one project mvn eclipse:eclipse, then I have add M2_REPO env variable
      mvn -Declipse.workspace=<path-to-eclipse-workspace> eclipse:add-maven-repo and import project into workspace, builded war file and have tried to run on JBOSS Server 5.0 - so no lack, because jboss server has bundled with jsf 1.2.
      For now I have founded next way - install jsf2.0 libs on tomcat 6.0 and deplay war file manuly on tomcat, then run it. It's not very good for user, if he have a studio.
      In jboss tools has been added maven support so how i can run this web-maven based applications on server from jboss tools?