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    JPA validation failures with custom Hibernate NamingStrategy

    Axel Roeber Newbie

      I am struggling with the JPA validation and a customized Hibernate NamingStrategy. Everything with our NamingStrategy works fine (Hibernate Console, JPA View etc.), but we are getting a lot of JPA validation errors (unknown column, unknow table) everywhere the NamingStrategy differs from the Hibernate default naming strategy. It seems that Hibernate ignores the following line in the META-INF/persistence.xml during the JPA validation:

      <property name="hibernate.ejb.naming_strategy" value="com.xxxx.core.entity.SpaceServerNamingStrategy"/>

      I am using Eclipse 3.5 with JBoss Tools 3.1M2.
      Maybe that is more a Hibernate and/or Dali problem, but I also looking for any advice how to get some information (like debug output) about what happens.

      Thx for any help.