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    Clarifying Maven plus Jtools

    Asaf Shakarchi Newbie


      I have few questions/corrections regarding the new maven support with jtools

      1) It seems like there is a structure difference between the mavenized booking seam example and new mavenized project creation: new project creation has another 'projname-parent' project while the examples does not.

      Why there is such a difference, and generally - why a 'parent' project at all while the EAR can be the parent.

      2) It seems like there are bugs when using AS5, mvn throws few exceptions, while in EAP5 it works alright. is AS5 supported at all?

      3) It seems like there is a bug with the booking seam 2.1 example, publishing the booking-ear project publishes 'WEB-INF' folder under the root of the ear project with some libs in it, (it publishes it booking.war/WEB-INF/lib folder too which is right).

      4) Creating a new mavenized project does not create a 'maven lib' library under projxxx-ejb, that is required for Eclipse to resolve Seam/other libs. (the mvnzed booking example seems to have that right)

      Thats it for now,



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          Max Rydahl Andersen Master

          Hi asaf,

          1) I'll let snjezana answer that when she returns from holiday.

          But in my opinion I prefer having a true parent instead of having the EAR being the parent with a tons of excludes inside eclipse which imo is just a big hack. Better to leave that in a separate parent project - but lets wait to hear if there are any reasons beyond that.

          2) What kind of bugs ? If related to seam then you should raise this on the seam forums.

          3) report in jira ?

          4) report in jira ?

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            Snjezana Peco Master

            1) the mavenized booking example contains booking, booking-ear, booking-ejb, booking-parent and booking-test projects like the projects created by the Seam Web Project wizard (projectname, projectname-ear, projectname-ejb, projectname-parent and projectname-test).
            I have chosen this structure because the most of the mavenized ear projects (seam examples, portlet examples ...) use it.

            2) which version of JBoss Tools, m2eclipse, Seam and AS5 are you using?

            3) caused by WTP bug https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=247090
            The attached patch works correctly, but it isn't applied to WTP 3.1.

            4) I can't reproduce this issue. Will try to reproduce with the version of JBoss Tools that you are using.