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    Associations inside a composite identifier

    Ondrej Medek Apprentice


      I have a JPA with associations inside a composite identifier, e.g. something like (from JBoss doc)

      @AssociationOverride( name="id.channel", joinColumns = @JoinColumn(name="chan_id") )
      public class TvMagazin {
       @EmbeddedId public TvMagazinPk id;
       @Temporal(TemporalType.TIME) Date time;
      public class TvMagazinPk implements Serializable {
       public Channel channel;
       public String name;
       public Presenter presenter;

      It works fine, just Eclipse shows error: Attribute "channel" has invalid mapping type in this context.

      Do you know, how to get rid of this error? Except switching off the JPA facet support for the project :-)