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    bug in creating a new JBoss tools project (JBoss Tools folde

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      JBDS 2.0.0.GA

      following this:


      I reproduced this. I try to create a new project by right-clicking in Package Explorer, select new --> other, and there is no JBoss Tools folder. Then I go to Help --> about JBDS and click the JBoss Tools icon, select Project Examples, click plug-in details, then close/ok.

      Then I am able to see the JBoss Tools folder when I try to create a new project. Very strange bug/behavior and I reproduced it by closing/opening a different/new workspace in JBDS.

      Also, where does the code copied here: C:\Documents and Settings\asookazi\RESTEasy\simple come frome?