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    rule traversal/execution order i drools

    shashank singh Newbie

      Hi Guys

      I have started to use Drools engine. I set it up in Eclipse using Jboss Tools package distribution. Now I am having difficulty understanding how to specify the rules, in the rule.drl files. Here are the points that I am mostly confused about

      1. what is the order in which the rules are fired. (I have multiple rules defined in the same file.)
      2. In case I want to put some rules in other rule file. How to load them in working memory and what will be order in which rules in these two separate files will run.
      3. I don't want to modify the object. This object attributes are being used as driving conditions in these rules. So of the rules are being reentered the condition will be true again. This is leading to unending loop.
      4. I want to visit rules in the order they are specified in the rule file- from top to bottom. And I want to enter each loop only once.

      Any pointer to the document that gives information on the way drool rule engine works will be very helpful. I appreciate your efforts guys. Thanks in advance.