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    birt integration - tag p:birt broken on postback

    gonzalad Apprentice


      I've used today p:birt tag with embed - just like in the sample :

      <b:birt designType="embed" designName="ProductCatalog.rptdesign"
       embeddable="true" masterpage="false"/>

      I have in the same JSF page a form with h:commandButton.
      On first render, everything works fine.
      On postback, birt tag generates an error (I dont remember exactly which one).
      The line in error was in UIDocument#encodeBegin because designNameValue was null on postback :

      This is due because saveState and restoreState are not implemented in org.jboss.seam.birt.ui.UIDocument (just look at http://fisheye.jboss.org/browse/~raw,r=11184/JBossTools/trunk/birt/plugins/org.jboss.tools.birt.core/resources/jboss-seam-birt.jar for instance).

      You should save the state of all the attributes in saveState method otherwise they are going to be null on every postback.

      A second bug : some attributes are missing in saveState and restoreState of UIParameter (locale, isnull).

      Should I fill a JIRA issue ?

      Thanks !