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    Missing JBoss 5.1 Server Runtime

    Peter Irmstadt Newbie


      I was using JBoss AS 4 but I got a new server and want to use AS 5.1.

      I read that the newest JBoss Tools (I am using Eclipse 3.5 and JBoss Tools 3.1.0.M2) do support that server (as well as Seam 2.2) and so went along and tried it.

      The server itself could be integrated easily but unfortunately I ran into some problems regarding my (still v2.1) Seam projects. I soon located the problem in the missing "JBoss 5.1 Runtime". The former 4.1 Runtime provided libraries like "ejb3-persistence.jar" that are now missing. I tried to add the library but unfortunately theres only a "JBoss 5.0 Runtime" - and that provides nothing.

      Additionally to that I couldn't select Seam v2.2. Theres no version 2.2 in the selection and the error "The selected seam appears to be of an incompatible version" as well as the diabled Finish button prevent me from choosing that version.

      Do you know any solution to the two problems?

      Thank you in advance!