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    birt integration - reportContext.getHttpServletRequest in em

    gonzalad Apprentice


      I think there's a bug in JBossBirtServlet :

      Accessing reportContext.getHttpServletRequest() from scripted datasource returns null in embed mode.

      I'm using a scripted datasource.
      I've implemented in my report the open method as follow :

      logger.info("reportContext = "+reportContext);
      logger.info("reportContext.getHttpServletRequest = "+reportContext.getHttpServletRequest());

      reportContext.getHttpServletRequest() returns null when I use embed mode (designType="embed")

      It runs fine with frameset report.

      I've just added the following line in JBossBirtServlet and it runs fine now :

      options.setOption(InputOptions.OPT_REQUEST, req);

      Should I raise a JIRA ?

      Thanks !