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    rich:panelMenuGroup label doesn't support #{ delimited text?

    Stefan Mohr Newbie

      Hi guys,

      I'm trying to dynamically generate a series of panelMenuGroups in my page but can't seem to get text from my backing bean into the label with no luck.

      I'm doing this:

       <c:forEach items="#{MyBean.items}" var="tester">
       <rich:panelMenuGroup label="Name: #{tester.name}">
       <h:outputText value="#{tester.name}" />

      When I have a couple of items in my backing bean items list, I would expect to see a panel group like this:

      |-- Name: name1 --|
      |-- Name: name2 --|

      Instead, I'm getting this:
      |-- Name: --|
      |-- Name: --|

      I'm simply not getting my backing bean text piped into the panelgroup label, but the var itself is ok because it's appearing in an outputtext element in the same control.

      Is that simply not supported for the label text? The only examples I've seen use static text so I have no basis for comparison.

      Thanks for any thoughts you can share!