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    JBoss tools - deploy of new classes

    Michal Glowacki Novice

      I've just started with Eclipse and JBoss tools for Seam. I find hot deployment great feature. However I got problems when adding new java class to project. I click 'refresh', 'run as' etc. but class file is never found. Precisely, I see the .class file is added into deployed project on jboss, but when I reference fx some function returning string (to display it on the page) nothing happens. It's just blank - no errors. I have to use this combination, but it takes more time than 'redeploy' under Netsbeans:

      JBoss Server view -> 'myproject'-remove from context menu -> Run as...

      Option of project 'restart' is unavailable from context menu.

      Is this an only way I do it?