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    Can not install JBoss Tools in Eclipse Galileo

    Ernesto Cullen Newbie

      i have grabbed a galileo download and unzipped it. Then go to Help/Install New Software, type the 3.1M3 update site, select only the first option -not sdk, not birt/maven integration- and after some 20 minutes or so an error pops up saying that some dependencies are missing. It says the names that seems to be some obscure versions of existing packages.
      I then retrieved the individual plugins I am interested in: Seam, Hibernate, RichFaces, JBossAS, FreeMarker. I unzipped them over a clean Galileo, and I get Hibernate and JSF. I don't see anything related to JBoss AS, Seam, or FreeMarker.

      Is it possible to install 3.1M3 on top of standard JEE Galileo, or should I get some internal release or what?

      Thanks in advance

      Ernesto Cullen