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    Eclipse JBoss AS clean/publish

    akhil achuthan Newbie

      Using JBoss AS 5.1 i created a server instance with the application home pointing to my server location.

      Added my ear project on to the server and tried both clean and publish. Eclipse gives an impression as to something is running by displaying the message dialog with message "Publishing to JBoss 5.1 Runtime Server...". This runs for almost 10-15 secs, which is the exact normal time that other jboss instances has taken previously for my application.

      But to my surprise i see that there s nothing created in my jboss deploy folder. In fact my jboss deploy folder has remained untouched. Publish operation had no impact. I re-checked the application home directory configured and it seems correct......

      Any help??

      Is there any way to track what sub tasks eclipse was exactly doing during the clean / publish operation..