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    Richfaces Tooling Property/Value Pairs

    Cody Lerum Apprentice

      Guys I've been seeing an issue for the last couple 3.1(M2,M3,M4) where when you are editing a .xhtml file and you are focused on a richfaces tag (say rich:spacer) the properties window in eclipse always shows the same property/value pairs for all rich tags.

      Other librarys seem fine like the seam <s:div> or jsf <h:inputText> they show different values depending on the type of tag your in but all rich tags show the same options rich:spacer shows ajaxSingle for example right now I'm running eclipse Galalio and Tools 3.1M4
      but I saw the same issue on M3 and also M2 I beleive richfaces 3.3.2.SR1 in a seam 2.2.0GA project I seee in the richfaces-ui.jar there is a rich.tld which defines the tag for rich:spacer for example and ajaxSingle isn't an option