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    Some dumb questions from a n00b

    Drew Arrigoni Newbie

      I've been bebopping back and forth between NetBeans and JBDS for a bit but I'm coming to realize that maybe JBDS isn't getting updated often enough for my ADD-like-tastes. So here are a wad of questions that hopefully isn't too stupid. :D Also, I know some of these are subjective so feel free to chime in!

      1) I have JBDS Portfolio edition. Can I upgrade to latest JBoss Tools plugins? Is doing so going to blow everything up? Do you do this?

      2) I like Maven2. It's pretty keen. Does JBoss Tools/JBDS support Maven2? If so, have you used it and how well do you feel it works? Ifin you have an alternative to Maven2 that is just so swifty that you can't stop yourself from gushing about it... Please feel free to do so. ;)

      3) There are a ton and a half of awesome things coming down the pipeline. JSF 2 (with its myriad of things). Bean Validation. CDI w/Weld. RichFaces 4. Seam 3. The first three, of course, having RIs already released! Is there tooling for those that are already released? If so, is there documentation or presentations on how to use these tooling features?

      The impetuous behind this is I'm still struggling to get to the point where I'm really productive with some of the newer technologies for a new project. I need to bust the learning curve.