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    Weld and JBT?

    Paul Keogh Newbie

      Was over on the Seam forum looking at the JSR299/Weld work - any plans for supporting this JBT ?


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          Alexey Kazakov Master

          Yes, we are going to include the first version of CDI Tools in JBT 3.1.GA

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            Max Rydahl Andersen Master

            weeel - it will at least be available from our devel or nightly updatesite soon.

            Including it in 3.1.GA might be too soon - but I'll let everyone know as soon as we got something in there.

            The first feature we will be introducing is code completion for the CDI beans and then going forward we got more ideas. You see those ideas in JBIDE jira under the CDI component.

            Feel free to add your own or comment or even vote ;)