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    J2EE compatible web services

    Thomas Diesler Master

      Hi folks,

      starting with the certified jboss-4.x series, we will have an alternative j2ee compliant web service implementation. The JBoss.NET module has entered maintenance and will not be developed further. However, we plan to migrate the advanced JBoss.NET features to JBossWS.

      With JBossWS we currently also build on top of axis. For technical reasons it was not possible to use the latest Axis-1.2b when certification was due. We therefore went back to the last stable axis release (axis-1.1) and made the changes required by j2ee to that codebase. This modified axis version lives in module 'webservice' and will also not be developed further.

      Instead we plan to build our own SOAP stack that fits better in the overall jboss architecture, addresses some of the newer developments in web services and generally is more suitable for the j2ee requirements to web services.

      To get started with j2ee compliant web services (ws4ee) you might want to check out the wiki.


      As always, your feedback is highly appreciated and you are welcome to get involved.


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          Darran Lofthouse Master


          What is the process to go through to get fixes aplied to the current implementation of WS4EE?

          I am currently experiencing problems where generated response messages are invalid, I have been debugging JBoss and Axis and have traced the problem to the message generation code within Axis.

          If I can prove with a test case that generated response messages are invalid according to the specifications is there any way that a fix can be applied to the 'webservice' module?

          I may be able to contribute a fix myself, however I would need the fix to be released in a production release of JBoss for it to be worth my time implementing.

          Also submitting the fixes directly to Axis doesn't look like a valid option as their release cycle seems incredibly slow compared to the JBoss release cycles.

          I couldn't see anything in the Wiki at the moment but is there a roadmap anywhere that shows the plans for replacing the SOAP stack or is this at the very early stages?

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            Scott Stark Master

            Go through the sourceforge patches/bugs interfaces. All of the code exists in our cvs tree under the webservices module, including the axis 1.1 code that we are maintaining for the 4.0.x branch.

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              Darran Lofthouse Master

              Thanks Scott, I will put together some test cases and raise this.