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    sun's wscompile - (part of wsdp ) greate descriptors generat

    Alon Agmon Newbie

      hi all
      u should check out sun's wscompile , all you have to do is supply a config-interface.xml file follow this example:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
       <interface name="alon.home.handlers.handEndpoint"/>

      then run wscompile :

      # j2ee/p1/p1> wscompile -define -f:documentliteral -mapping build/mapping.xml -d build/ -nd build/ -classpath /j2ee/p1/p1/build/book.jar config-interface.xml

      in this example as you can see i used doc/lit and i created the mapping and the wsdl.
      there are many other options (wscompile -help)
      i couldnt really test it cause im stuck with the implBean ejb deployment problem regarding the xml value cannot be null or something like that ,
      i sure would like to know if its compatible with jboss