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    cannot rename web.xml to web.xml.org?

    mazz Master

      Getting this error in the JBoss log:

      10:37:28,715 ERROR [ServiceDeployer] Cannot startup webservice for: hello.war
      org.jboss.deployment.DeploymentException: Cannot rename web.xml: C:\mazz\jboss\jboss-4.0.0\server\default\deploy\hello.war\WEB-INF\web.xml.org
      at org.jboss.webservice.ServiceDeployerJSE.modifyWebXML(ServiceDeployerJSE.java:129)

      Funny thing is, the processing continues and it seems that my web service is getting deployed. Not sure what this is telling me. I plan on doing some debugging on this issue, but was wondering if anyone else has seen this/knows what it is.

      John Mazz

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          Frank Langelage Master

          The file web.xml in the deployment unit is going to modified at deployment time.
          The old file is renamed and a new modified one is created to bring web.xml in sync with webservices.
          If the two files already fit the app will also work although the renaming nd replacing of web.xml fails, like in your case.

          The cause for the rename problem itself is a missing right on the file web.xml for the user running the jboss instance.
          I saw this, when I deployed a web-app as a war directory structure instead of putting it all together in one war-file.