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    TypeMapping problem

    sfrind Newbie

      Did wscompile created a proper mapping.xml file?
      If not then use -mapping parameter to create one.
      wscompile -cp . -define -mapping MyServiceMapping.xml -f:documentliteral config.xml


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          Thomas Diesler Master

          Hi ADICKO,

          two issues here. Your WSDL should not use rpc/encoded this is disallowed by the WS-I Basic Profile (BP).

          The wscomile tool is part of the Sun JWSDP, and therefore will generate a jaxrpc-mapping.xml file that works for the classes that wscompile generates. If you have complex types like tns:SessionCategories you should check the generated mapping and modify it accordingly (i.e. map the types you actually use)

          An alternative approach is to use an external ws4ee-deployment.xml file for even more control over mapping and serializers, etc. See the wiki.