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    Problem deploying WS from samples.zip

    Thomas Diesler Master

      Show me the message that your client sends to JBossWS. For that set

       <category name="org.apache.axis">
       <priority value="axis"/>

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          Mohammad Rahin Newbie


          Tomcat is leading servlet/jsp container in the java industry. JBoss is a J2EE-1.4 compatible application server that includes tomcat in it's distribution. The Tomcat lead developer actually is a member of the JBoss core team.

          J2EE-1.4 compatibility could be crucial if your projects involves Web Services and other cutting edge technology. The JBoss APS does not have the largest market share yet, but with >5Mio downloads it is the fastes growing in the industry.

          From 10.000 feet I would suggest you send your people to a J2EE training to make sure they head of in the right direction. Ideally, if you are going JBoss this would be provided by JBoss core developers. We offer intro/admin/advanced trainings and provide development/production support at various levels.

          To give more qualified answers regrading your specific IIS based application, I would need to know more technical details.
          On this forum the JBoss community offers free technical support to people who have already opted for JBoss technology.

          Please contact JBoss Inc. to help you make your descission. They should be able to answer all your pre sales questions.

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            Thomas Diesler Master

            Sorry, I meant

             <category name="org.apache.axis">
             <priority value="DEBUG"/>

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              Thomas Diesler Master

              The message the sample client sends is

              <soapenv:Envelope ...>
               <ns1:echoCustomerArr xmlns:ns1="http://org.jboss.webservice/complexbean/types">
               <customerAddress>MiddleWare Avenue 1</customerAddress>
               <customerName>JBoss Inc.</customerName>
               <customerAddress>SomeOther Street 11</customerAddress>
               <customerName>Microsoft Corp.</customerName>

               [mkdir] Created dir: D:\projects\jboss-branch\jboss-4.0.x\webservice\output-samples\reports
               [junit] Running org.jboss.webservice.complexbean.ComplexBeanTestCase
               [junit] Tests run: 3, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Time elapsed: 4.922 sec

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                Mohammad Rahin Newbie

                This is what client sends,

                <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
                 <customerID>Acme Inc</customerID>

                Thanks for looking into this.

                - Mohammad