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    What about XML-RPC.com's XML-RPC

    Cédric Vidal Newbie


      The XML-RPC term is often used throughout the JBoss documentation, and I guess it's refering to JAX-RPC/SOAP, I know that the later is based on XML and that it is RPC, so technically speaking it is not wrong to refer to JAX-RPC/SOAP as an XML-RPC type of thingy, but as XML-RPC is also a specification of its own, it is quite confusing.

      So first of all I would like to know if my understanding is right, and secondly, I would like to know if an XML-RPC (as specified by xmlrpc.com) service is available in JBoss out of the box.

      Then, if it is not, what would be the best strategy to add that support in JBoss for my web application ?