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    JbossWS with WS-Security implementation XWS

    Andre Simon Newbie


      Is it possible to integrate XWS in JbossWS?

      XWS-Security comes with JWSDP 1.4.


      To secure the Server by XWS , I had to set the "-security" Flag of wscompile, with the parameter of an sign and-or encryption xml

      If I am right the Security Serverside Handlers are set automaticaly
      during the compile process.

      So how can I set the "-security" flag in JbossWS ?


      On ClientSide the Handlers are set by an Class called SecurityConfigurator
      which becomes the Service Stub Implementation class. And through this
      Class the Handler, for filter certificate etc., is added to the Client. So I need the Servicestub Impl class to compile my Client, I know could create it by wsdl with axis or jax-rpc, but I know also that this is not the same
      like the JbossWS created Stub.

      And what happened wit the JbossWS specific EJB-Container Authentification if I secure my Message, can I add my handler before
      the authentification?

      So is it possible?