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    Deploying Web Service with Modular WSDL

    Shawn Dahlen Newbie

      Hello -

      I'm in the process of trying to deploy a web service that uses a modular WSDL file. Our company has published xml schema and abstract WSDL documents in a central repository, and I am attempting to provide an implementation of that abstract service. My concrete WSDL document appropriately imports the abstract definitions as follows:

      <wsdl:import namespace="x" location="http://content.company.com/xml/services/abstract-service.wsdl"/>

      When this concrete service is deployed into JBossWS, the concrete WSDL file is rewritten as follows:

      <wsdl:import namespace="x" location="/concrete-service/Service?WSDL&resource=http://content.company.com/xml/services/abstract-service.wsdl"/>

      Unfortunately, this is not a valid location, and clients can not generate an appropriate stub. Even when I make copies of the abstract WSDL definition and XML schema documents and place them in the WAR file, my location is still relative to the server (i.e. location="/concrete-service/Service?WSDL&resource=abstract-service.wsdl"). Many tools are unable to handle the server relative path (i.e. XmlSpy and Visual Studio). Is it possible to generate a absolute URL when the published WSDL file is rewritten?

      Thanks -

      Shawn Dahlen
      Lockheed Martin