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    Probleme with the redeployment of a web-service(NoSuchMethod

    CHILLAN José Newbie

      I am developping a web service and to test it, I use a directory based ear
      deployment, and I use the JBoss IDE tool calling the JMX-Console to
      deploy it.
      The first time, my web.xml is modified replacing my web-service
      by a custom servlet ServiceEndpointServletJSE. Ok, that works fine.
      But when I redeploy the ear (for update or something), once get rid of
      the web.xml renaming problem by manually removing it, the web.xml is
      still the modified one. Then, it is modified a second time (and I
      have the double parameter appearing as I saw in a previous post here),
      but it doesn't work because JBoss tries to find my web-service methods
      on the ServiceEndpointServletJSE, hence a NoSuchMethodException.

      Why is this web.xml modified : isn't there a cleaner way to preceed ?
      Using JBossIDE in Eclipse, the only thing to have it work properly is to
      recreate the deployment directory each time.

      Thanks for your answer.