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    Confusion about XML descriptors and tools

    Johan Borchers Newbie


      I'm trying out JBoss 4.0 and want to use the web services capability of EJB's and JBoss. But some things are not very clear to me. So I have a few questions.
      1 - What is the preferred way to generate the WSDL mapping file? Should I use wscompile or should I use the Axis style? I think it is the wscompile if I read the posts and the Wiki. But the examples of JBoss use Axis in combination with Ant.
      2 - Which XML files are generated and which ones do I have to make "by hand"?
      3 - Has the webservices.xml the same meaning for a web service as the ejb-jar.xml for EJB's? Do I have to make this file "by hand"?
      4 - The wscompile program is using a config.xml. Where can a find an explanation of this file of what elements should be in there?