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    Confusion about XML descriptors and tools

    Johan Borchers Newbie

      Thanks for the answer. Now I have a working web service of an EJB. The first step was difficult but a thousand miles journey starts with one step.


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          This was the original topic so the original can be left unanswered:


          I'm trying out JBoss 4.0 and want to use the web services capability of EJB's and JBoss. But some things are not very clear to me. So I have a few questions.
          1 - What is the preferred way to generate the WSDL mapping file? Should I use wscompile or should I use the Axis style? I think it is the wscompile if I read the posts and the Wiki. But the examples of JBoss use Axis in combination with Ant.
          2 - Which XML files are generated and which ones do I have to make "by hand"?
          3 - Has the webservices.xml the same meaning for a web service as the ejb-jar.xml for EJB's? Do I have to make this file "by hand"?
          4 - The wscompile program is using a config.xml. Where can a find an explanation of this file of what elements should be in there?