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    Create SOAPElement from DOM Document

    Shawn Dahlen Newbie

      I am having issues trying to build a SOAPElement from a DOM Document. The code is as follows:

      MessageFactory factory = MessageFactory.newInstance();
      SOAPMessage msg = factory.createMessage();
      SOAPBody body = msg.getSOAPPart().getSOAPEnvelope().getSOAPBody();
      SOAPElement element = body.addDocument(doc);

      Unfortunately, the addDocument() method does not seem to work (adds nothing). Is there another approach I can take?

      Shawn Dahlen

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          Shawn Dahlen Newbie

          As a follow up, I attempted to use SOAPElementAxisImpl directly by:

          SOAPElement element = new SOAPElementAxisImpl(doc.getDocumentElement());

          This had no effect either. I am currently using 4.0.1 RC1, has this bug been fixed in a more recent version in CVS?

          Shawn Dahlen

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            Shawn Dahlen Newbie

            After some hours of digging around, the actual issue seems to be related to serialization of the response object. The response object looks as follows:

            public class GetByUserResponse {
             protected javax.xml.soap.SOAPElement _any;
             public GetByUserResponse() {
             public GetByUserResponse(javax.xml.soap.SOAPElement _any) {
             this._any = _any;
             public javax.xml.soap.SOAPElement get_any() {
             return _any;
             public void set_any(javax.xml.soap.SOAPElement _any) {
             this._any = _any;

            No matter what type of content I place in the SOAPElement, nothing is returned. I had a look at the generated Apache Axis WSDD file, and the type mapping for the object looks as follows:

             qname='ns1:>getByUserResponse' xmlns:ns1='http://iss.lmco.com/service/action-item-summary'
             <elementDesc fieldName="_any" xmlName="ns1:null"/>

            Now I haven't investigated exactly what the xmlName should be for the field, _any, but ns1:null doesn't seem right. Am I looking into the right area? Any help would be appreciated.


            Shawn Dahlen

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              Shawn Dahlen Newbie

              I have now confirmed both issues:

              1) Unable to use SOAPBody.addDocument() method to create SOAPElement from DOM Document

              2) Response object with xsd:any does not serialize properly (no matter what is set in the SOAPElement object).

              Wish I could continue this, but its time for bed. Thoughts?

              Shawn Dahlen