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    JBoss 4 and JbossWS - Xdoclet tags

    Joshua Tree Newbie

      Dear community,

      I have a SessionBean that i have implemented as a WebService 1.1 compliant, using the new wsee xdoclet tags in the new JBoss 4. I also have another class ( Calculadora) in my project that i use in the SessionBean, so that classe needs to be serialized, because the sessionBean returns an object of the class's type (see below).

      public abstract class TestSessionBean implements TestSessionEndpoint,
      SessionBean {

      * @ejb.interface-method
      * view-type="service-endpoint"

      public Calculadora Calc (int x, int y){

      Calculadora tmp = new Calculadora();

      return tmp ;

      // and continues....

      I need to know what tags do i need to use (using JBoss 4.0.0), so that xdoclet knows that class Calculadora, needs to be serialized and i could use then the code above, to return an object in the Calc method. As it is now, compiles OK but it doesn´t deploy, JBoss 4 complains that it doesn´t know Calculadora.class

      Thanks Herlander