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    How to generate the DD's?

    kristof taveirne Newbie


      I'm rather a newbie at webservices, i've been reading alot about the technologies but bringing it into practice is something else.

      I've been reading and learning alot lately but I always stumble onto a wall of things that keep me from actualy writing a webservice.

      I'm using JBoss and IntelliJ IDEA to write my code.

      My greatest concern atm is to find a tool that can generate the deployment descriptors like webservices.xml and jaxrpc-mapping for me.

      I've found java2wsdl to generate the wsdl-file for me.
      I've read that the WSDL2Java from WebSphere can generate webservices.xml also, but the wsdl2java from axis doesn't do that.

      I've tried jwsdp1.5 but that doesn't seem to do anything usefull to me.
      wscompile seems to be able to generate a java-wsdl-mapping but no webservices.xml file.

      Also i've just read on this forum that http://[host]:[port]/ws4ee/service/[service] should not be used anymore to generate the wsdl with java2wsdl.
      Things I learn in the morning seem to be deprecated in the evening.
      Help me out of this maze :-D

      you see... i keep hitting a wall of problems whenever I try something. Every tutorial I tried has failed at some point for different reasons.

      Can somebody give me some advice on how to do things?
      What tools should I use? How should I use them?
      What would you recommend that is straightforward and easy to use without having to use 3 different tools before something gets deployed.

      The things i'm working on right now is to ws-enable a stateless Session bean... any advice?

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          Jason Greene Master

          Basically there is no all in one process to generate everything like JBoss.NET. The current JBossWS implementation was developed for the sole purpose of conforming to the JSEE 1.4 certification. Due to the state of the standards at that time, and the limited time scheduling, all inclusive tools were not written. The new JBossWS implementation will have an all inclusive set of tools, and will implement the latest standards. This is still in the early development phase.

          Also, XDoclet is a dying project which will be replaced with Java 1.5 annotations (and perhaps other tools).

          XDoclet has a ws4ee module, but it is a piece of junk. It was never finished as the author stopped development, but he gave it to the xdoclet developers in case they wanted to complete it. Instead, they just slapped it into a release.

          The current recommended practice is:
          WSDL + jaxrpc-mapping - Use jwsdp 1.5 for both
          Service Endpoint Interfaces - Use the ejbdoclet xdoclet module to generate the service endpoint interfaces, or write them by hand.
          webservices.xml - Write by hand
          jboss.xml - Use an xdoclet merge file if you are using jbossdoclet, or write by hand

          It is possible to still automate these things in a build by having ant call wscompile in the jwsdp, and making your own generation modules.