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    Change <wsdlsoap:address> from localhost when WS is deployed

    Greg Crider Newbie

      The JBoss-AS 4.0 docs show how to generate the WSDL using Java2WSDL. In the documentation, it says the wsdlsoap:address is irrelevant, because JBoss will replace it once it is deployed. My AS is running on a host other than localhost (it is specified using the --host option on the run.sh script). The problem is, when a client requests the WSDL, the encapsulated wsdlsoap:address value has localhost in it, and not the host name for the AS itself. On my client machine, I changed the entry for localhost in /etc/hosts so it points to my AS. Once that change was made, everything worked end-to-end for the client.

      How do you get the correct host name in the deployed WSDL? Thanks in advance.

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          Greg Crider Newbie

          It figures. I spend hours searching the site for the answer to my question, and then solve it myself within 5 minutes of making my original post.

          I swerved into my answer by more closely examining the server.log file after my Web Service deployed. After seeing that jboss-ws4ee.sar had the WebServiceHost value set to localhost, I changed it to my desired host name. The Tcpmon example in the 4.0 Getting Started Guide on Web Services pointed to this section as well.

          Sorry for generating any unnecessary noise in this forum.