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    Configuring beanMapping with JBossWS

    andrewgriffiths Newbie

      Is there any way to include beanMapping tags in the WSDD which
      jboss deploys to Axis?

      I'm looking to deploy a web service in Jboss4 which uses
      JAXRPC and returns a custom type.

      In order that Axis be able to serialize the type I'd like to configure a
      beanMapping for the type in the WSDD but can't find any way to
      include one in the wsdd that jboss generates.

      <beanMapping qname="ns2:ReturnType"

      I'm aware that the contents of a file named ws4ee-deployment.xml
      are somehow merged into the wsdd but the merging process seems
      to ignore my beanMappings!

      Any help much appreciated!