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    mediaOutput with applet

    Chris Dollar Novice

      I would like to use an applet with the a4j:mediaOutput tag but can't find any examples. The applet that I'm using is the Jasper Report embedded viewer applet. I can add the applet to my page and have it work fine, but since I am doing a4j reRenders instead of using regular JSF navigation once the applet is displayed calling reRender on the component that contains the applet doesn't do anything -- the applet continues to be viewed. I assume that putting the applet in the a4j:mediaOutput tag will fix this??

      This is the applet code I have:

      <applet code="mypkg.EmbeddedViewerApplet.class"
       width="720" height="900">
       <param name="type" value="application/x-java-applet;version=1.2.2"/>
       <param name="scriptable" value="false"/>
       <param name="REPORT_URL" value="../servlets/jasperprint"/>
       <param name="report" value="#{report.reportToRun}"/>

      Can anyone tell me how to use this with a4j:mediaOutput, or if it is even possible?