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    Multiple bindings not supported for service

    Raja Master

      I have a WSDL File which looks like
      Snippet from WSDL:

      <service name="RajaTest">
       <port name="TestBeanEndPointPort" binding="tns:TestBeanEndPointBinding">
       <soap:address location="REPLACE_WITH_ACTUAL_URL"/>
       <port name="CEEBeanEndPointPort" binding="tns:CEEBeanEndPointBinding">
       <soap:address location="REPLACE_WITH_ACTUAL_URL"/>

      This has been generated using the JWSDP wscompile tool for 2 ports in a single service. So this has 2 ports defined with my single service. It deploys fine but when i invoke my client like
       QName testQName = new QName("http://xxx.net", "RajaTest");
       QName ceeQName = new QName("http://xxx.net", "RajaTest");
       ServiceFactory fact = ServiceFactory.newInstance();
       testService = fact.createService(testURL, testQName);
       ceeService = fact.createService(ceeURL, testQName);

      the client code bombs out with a
      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Multiple bindings for not supported for service: {http://xxx.net}RajaTest
      javax.xml.rpc.ServiceException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Multiple bindings for not supported for service: {http://collab.net}RajaTest
      at org.jboss.webservice.client.ServiceFactoryImpl.createService(ServiceFactoryImpl.java:125)
      at com.clientapp.TestClient.setUp(TestClient.java:29)

      Tracing back to the source,
       Iterator it = wsdlService.getPorts().values().iterator();
       while (it.hasNext())
       Port port = (Port)it.next();
       Binding binding = port.getBinding();
       if (wsdlBinding != null && wsdlBinding.getQName().equals(binding.getQName()) == false)
       throw new IllegalArgumentException("Multiple bindings for not supported for service: " + wsdlService.getQName());
       if (wsdlBinding == null)
       wsdlBinding = binding;

      It looks like this code will bomb for every service that can have multiple ports. If i have 2 ports that differ only in the type of transport, then both of them have the same QName and it looks like the code will error for such a case. In my case, i have a default namespace of http://xxx.com and i have the same namespace applied for both the ports.

      Is this a bug? Why should the ports within a service be restricted?

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          Raja Master

          In other words, should there only be a 1:1 ration between the Service and the ports?
          According to the WSDL Documentation, it looks like there could be multiple ports per service but can i have 2 different endpoints that relate to different webservices in a single "service" element?

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            Jurrien Newbie

            I have the same problem if I use the JBOSS implementation in my Java clients

            When I use the SUN jwsdp-1.5 jars in my client and use the default ServiceFactory.SERVICEFACTORY_PROPERTY all works fine.

            So I'm thinking this is a JBOSS bug...

            I'm using 4.0.0

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              Thomas Diesler Master

              The JAXRPC DII API is not designed with WS4EE in mind. You will also have the problem of your DII client not beeing jaxrpc-mapping.xml aware.

              There is a wiki on DII

              It all boils down to using

               * Create a <code>Service</code> instance.
               * <p/>
               * Note, this method is not in the {@link ServiceFactory} interface, it provides the service
               * with additional ws4ee wsdl/java mapping information
               * @param wsdlLocation URL for the WSDL document location
               * @param mappingLocation An optional URL for the jaxrpc-mapping.xml location
               * @param serviceName QName for the service.
               * @param portName An optional port name
               * @return Service.
               * @throws ServiceException If any error in creation of the
               * specified service
               public Service createService(URL wsdlLocation, URL mappingLocation, URL ws4eeMetaData, QName serviceName, String portName) throws ServiceException