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    How can I propagate handler extracted headers?

    Ole Matzura Novice


      this is kind of a newbie question; I have a jaxrpc handler that reads some soap-header and now want to propagate this value (a sessionid) to outgoing requests from my endpoint ejb by creating an outgoing handler that sets the header accordingly.. ie:

      client request
       (handler) ----- save sessionid
       endpoint ejb
       (handler) ----- reinsert sessionid
      outgoing request
      (process result in endpoint ejb and return to originating client)

      In this example the endpoint ejb is unaware of (and thus not involved in) the propagation..

      so I wonder how I can make the sessionid value available to my outgoing handler.. is these some kind of "transaction context" I can use? Or a security context? Or can save it in a static Map using the thread as a key (sounds dirty)?

      thanks for any help!