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    Ws-Security with JBossWS or using JWSDP with Jboss+tomcat bu

    Gagan Bajpai Newbie

      is there a way through which I can use JWSDP with builtin JBOSS tomcat bundle??
      I need to use ws-security for webservices which will be exposed using existing EJBs?
      With pure JbossWS is it possible?if yes, how?

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          Jason Greene Master

          JBossWS does not currently support WS-Security, although it is on the road map. It is probably possible to use jwsdp within jboss as you suggest, but you would not be able to do J2EE 1.4 style web services. You would have to use their generated stubs to call your EJB methods directly.


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            Gagan Bajpai Newbie

            Thanks Jason.
            But to use Jwsdp with jboss tomcat , I may end up replacing some of the jars that jboss has changed. The existing application uses built in tomcat of Jboss. I want to use the same tomcat and still get complete usage of jwsdp? Has anybody tried that? if yes, is there any kind of integration script available?

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              Jason Greene Master

              Im sure there have been some people who have done this, but no one has taken the time to contribute a wiki entry with step by step instructions. You won't need to reinstall tomcat, because all that jwsdp does is generate a war for you (when you use the wsdeploy command.) If you read through their tutorial (make sure its the 1.3 tutorial, because all versions after that only cover a few added topics), it details how to produce the war. There are also sample apps included in the distro. http://java.sun.com/webservices/docs/1.3/tutorial/doc/index.html

              The only problem you are going to have is getting the right jars (in the jwsdp distro) to make the war deploy correctly. This will most likely be done by experimentation. You might be able to deploy the libs with your war, but you may end up having to remove ws4ee, and droping the jars in the server/{name}/lib dir.

              If you do get this working please contribute a wiki (or a forum posting and we will make a wiki out of it)