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    Is jboss-4.0.2beta available?

    Thomas Diesler Master

      Sorry, you interpreted my comment. With

      With jboss-4.0.2beta you get this on the server

      java.lang.Exception: The OperationDesc for echoHelloArr was not synchronized to a method of com.myapp.ekta.HelloOrderEndpoint.

      I meant that this is the current status in Branch_4_0. The issue has been resolved as DEFERRED. It means, it will not be addressed in the near future because there are sufficient means available to work arround this inconvenience.

      JBossWS already can process the incomming message only that it will be passed to the endpoint as a single bean, wrapping both arguments. Neither the WSDL not the SOAP message will have to change for that. It is an implementation detail of the endpoint bean whether it processes a single complex parameter or two primitives.

      Please see


      for details