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    JBossWS with Axis 1.2 Client (Flawed architecture?)

    ranaaich Newbie

      Hello All,

      This is a question regarding JBossWS and Axis Client.

      Let me explain my project architechture in this regard.

      I'm working with two laptops. One will run webervices and web-application for storeX(say) and another will do the same for store Y. I have written the web-application and web-service(JBossWS) and deployed it on JBOss for storeX and storeY. In the storeX web application there is a call to store Y's web-service and vice-versa for StoreY. I have used Axis Client for this.

      And here I find the problem. When I put axis.jar (of Axis distribution axis-1_2RC2) in %JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\lib it is successfully querying StoreY webservices. But presence of axis.jar in %JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\lib is acting as a hinderence in deploying StoreX's own web-service. If I put axis.jar in my WEB-INF\lib directory even then the web-application is not seeing it! It seems the axis.jar has to reside in JBOSSs classpath. If I define %JBOSS_CLASSPATH% with axis.jar then the storeX webapplication works fine but the storeX web-service cannot be deployed at all.

      What should be my approach in this case. Where shall I put the axis.jar!

      I also test my web-services by running the command line Axis Client program. Before running the program I run my setenv.bat to set the classpath that points to Axis1.2 lib folder and the application fetches results from storeY. Similar idea is put my web application also - but it seems in the JBOSS server I need to do something extra.

      Any suggestion will be very much appreciated.