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    Error: Collection types are not supported in literal mode -

    Dhaval Shah Newbie

      I am using the wscompile from JWSDP1.5 and JBoss 4.0.1 AS

      I need to expose a webservice which exposes APIs that return Java collection types like ArrayList. However whenever I use the wscompile to generate the wsdl for the object, it gives me the following error :

      error: Collection types are not supported in literal mode - Type: "java.util.ArrayList"

      I was using -f:rpcliteral [and documentliteral too] and both run into the above failures.

      Here are the questions :

      1. JAX-RPC documentation [packaged with JWSDP1.5] indicates that the JAX-RPC supports transparent serialization/deserialization for collection types. However I did not find a corresponding "feature" on wscompile that will enable that and given that using literal style gives me the above error. So which wscompile feature I need to use?

      2. The postings in the forum indicate that wscompile is preferred over java2wsdl from Axis. The following article http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/webservices/library/ws-whichwsdl/ indicates that there are other wsdl styles like rpc/encoded that work with data graphs etc. However I did not find a corresponding -f: feature on wscompile to enable rpc/encoded.

      3. Did anybody get to compile a wsdl using wscompile and expose a service which accept and/or return java collection types?

      [I find the JBoss Forums more active and more informant than other fora on similiar subjects hence posting here. I did not find a wscompile specific forum as well]

      Thanks in advance,


      Going through the wscompile documentation for the features, I am not clear what other