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    axis or jwsdp

    garyg Novice

      Hey all,

      I'm trying to get started in web services so i've been following the Wiki on WSServerEJB. I saw that JBossWS is built on Axis, so I installed Axis-1_2RC2 on my box.

      My problem is that I'm trying to generate the WSDL from a really simple SEI using wscompile from the JWSDP, but since I figure it runs w/ Axis, I'd use the ant taskdef tags of axis-java2wsdl instead. But in the Wiki WSServerEJB, it uses wscompile.

      Can I use either or? I wanted axis since it seemed to have more ant support. Does anyone have any example ant scripts that generate WSDL from SEI's?

      Am I going about this right?