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    Created WSDL.  Now what?!

    Jeff Deppen Newbie

      I'm creating a new web service. Trying to do things in the correct order, I created/designed the WSDL file FIRST. Now what do I do? This is my first go round with the new JbossWS. In the past, w/jboss-net, I ran wsdl2java to create the necessary java files and put my business logic into the generated _Impl class. The _Impl class that wscompile generated doesn't look like the place I should put my biz logic.

      Please help! All of the samples, snippets and documentation that I've found walk through exposing EXISTING java code as a web service. Not creating a new web service from a new WSDL file.


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          Andrew Wagg Newbie

          The step by step WIKIs describe more or less what you are trying to do. Although in the Service example the wsdl is being generated. However, the client example shows you how to generate code from a wsdl, but just requires a gen:server option instead.




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            Jari Kujansuu Newbie

            I have real problems trying to figure out what to do. I have done webservices earlier with jboss.net and now in new place I need to figure out how to do it with latest jboss version (have 4.0.3RC2) and JBossWS.

            I have wsdl file from which I created classes using wscompile from jwsdp 1.6.

            I have been reading through those step by step guides and trying to google up other helpful pages.

            I think I get the basic idea how to do things, but generated classes and opened them in Eclipse I have one big problem before I can even start testing if my assumptions are correct.

            So classes generated by wscompile contain errors, they refer to com.sun.xml... stuff that I located from jaxrpc-impl.jar in Sun App Server lib directory. As I can't find anything that contains those classes from jboss directories or normal java sdk it would seem that those classes should be included into .war file. But because example ws.war does not contain anything like that I start to think I am doing something wrong.

            It would be great if someone could makeup real "step by step guide from wsdl to webservice for dummies" :)

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              Thomas Diesler Master

              WS4EE is about portable webservices. Therefore, generated classes cannot have dependencies on any proprietary API. In short, you only need

              1) the service endpoint interface (SEI)
              2) any user types that map to schema types
              3) any user exceptions that map to fault types

              All of which should be free of Sun API stuff.