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    Show togglePanel over other divs

    Sergio Del Valle Newbie

      I think this is not an issue about togglePanel or richfaces itself, but I've been googling for help and still can't find what I'm missing. I have a togglePanel floating on the left, and want it to be shown over the other elements in the page. What I've done so far is:

      <rich:panel id="container">
       <rich:panel id="menu" style="float:left;z-index:9500">
       <rich:togglePanel id="menuToggle" stateOrder="hide,show"
       <f:facet name="hide">
       <rich:panel id="menuHidePanel" style="border:0">
       <f:facet name="show">
       <rich:panel id="menuShowPanel" style="border:0">
       <h:form id="menuForm">
       <a4j:include id="main" layout="block"

      Right now the panel is toggling right, but when it is shown the contents in the 'main' div overlaps the contents in the 'menuShowPanel' div.

      Any advice will be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.

      Sergio Del Valle.