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    Deploy Problem ArrayOf_xsd_string

    Jason Greene Master


      Here is a list of things that will probably fix your problem.

      1. You are using rpc/encoded style webservices which is not allowed by WS Basic Profile 1.0, try using rpc/literal instead.
      2. Try the latest version of jboss (4.0.1)
      3. Don't use java2WSDL, use wscompile (included in the Sun JWSDP)
      4. Take a look at the wiki for a nice step-by-step howto on creating an rpc service with J2EE style services. http://www.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=WSRPCServiceStepByStep


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          John Newbie

          Thanks Jason.

          I didn't try wscompile. I used option -uliteral in java2WSDL and deployed to JBoss 4.0.1 again, the problem remains same.

          the signature of the service has the following format:

          String [] method1( arg1, arg2);

          I think the type of ArrayOf_xsd_string is generated to reflect return type String[] by java2WSDL. Maybe this problem could be sovled by wrapping the String [] into a class. I really want to reuse the exisitng code.

          in the WSDL file the target namespace of ArrayOf_xsd_string is targetNamespace="http://wsdl.phaselc.org". does it prevent Jboss from using java.lang.String? any setting in the mapping file or other descriptor files or configration files could help Jboss to deal with it correctly?

          hope to get response again and thanks in advance!

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            darren hartford Expert

            I am having this same problem on Jboss4.0.2RC1, although I also am using the Java2WSDL pacakge as well.

            The WSDL for the complex type looks fine regardless of the tool used to generate it (and confirm same problem with ArrayOf_xsd_dateTime).

            y_zl, have you found a workaround or solution for this yet?


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              Jason Greene Master

              3. Don't use java2WSDL, use wscompile (included in the Sun JWSDP)