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    java.util.Map datatype in WS

    Florian Rosenberg Newbie


      i have an existing interface (implementing remote), which i want to expose as a Web service. The problem is that the only method of the interface takes a map of <String, Objects> as input and also returns one. I know that this is not a good idea to expose as WS, but its not possible otherwise, still the interface is fixed.

      I followed the instructions on the JBossWS Wiki, and everything deployed, at least quite successfully, as rpc-encoded service.

      During deployment it get the following warning:
      09:02:21,328 WARN [JavaWsdlMapping] Cannot find jaxrpc-mapping for type: {http://java.sun.com/jax-rpc-ri/internal}map
      09:02:21,343 WARN [JavaWsdlMapping] Cannot find jaxrpc-mapping for type: {http://java.sun.com/jax-rpc-ri/internal}list
      09:02:21,359 WARN [TypeMappingDescription] Class not found: java.util.list
      09:02:21,375 WARN [TypeMappingDescription] Class not found: java.util.map
      09:02:21,406 INFO [AxisService] WSDD published to: // ommited

      What about the warnings here, why does JBoss look for java.util.list and not java.util.List and Map? Is it a bug in JAX-RPC?

      any help appreciated,
      best regards florian