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    Education question - literal/encoded, RPC/Document

    darren hartford Expert

      I've been trying to find a good, general reference between the four different types of WebServices.


      Please help in educating the populace with hopefully a good general understanding.

      My understandings to date, with (?) in assumption areas:

      This is the easiest to use for simple WebServices. Most tools automatically generate the basic Java2Webservice (WSDL) without too much problem. No special mapping.xml file is needed(?). No special custom-client programming needed.
      Does not handle complex/custom java objects, arrays, etc very well at all. Not accepted for general practice, not supported for WS Basic Profile.

      Most accepted type for webservices. No special client programming needed (i.e. still uses standard web-service types).
      Usually requires a mapping.xml file, and may require additional programming for webservice understanding of complex types.

      Document/Literal & Encoding:
      I do not have much experience, but my understanding this requires custom programming on both the server and the client side. For each document webservice, the client (whether java or .net), you have to custom-write the de-marshalling side of the webservice.

      Please let me know if I'm on the right track, any corrections, and hopefully some better references. :-)