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    How to effectively send large Strings over SOAP

    Dhaval Shah Newbie

      I have to provide a Jboss web service which returns documents. The clients are standalone java apps that use JWSDP/JAXRPC stack to DII into the JBoss WS.

      Basically I have to return large strings and can be in several MBytes in size. What is the most effective way of returning such Strings? Note that the clients are standalone Java Apps using JWSDP/JAXRPC, so any solution should take that into account.

      Has anybody done that before? Any help/pointers on this issue is appreciated.

      Server : JBOSS 4.0.1 SP1
      Client : Java 1.4.1 with JAXRPC [JWSDP 1.5 stack]
      OS : Linux [Server]